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MachineOfTheMonth: Ogg Vorbis [open source replacement for MP3 format]

Aug 26, 2000, 14:07 (0 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Glenn Mullikin for this link. ]

"Most linux users that keep up with the news have heard of Ogg Vorbis by now even though many of them probably have not yet tried it out. But that will be changing hopefully in the near future, as the Ogg Vorbis team nears its 1.0 release. But they already have some useable tools up on their website. I decided to give it a spin and see if the Ogg file format as it stands right now can replace my mp3s."

"One might well wonder, why would you want to replace your mp3s with a lesser known format? Well, the answer to this has to do with things such as freedom. The ogg vorbis sound format is in the public domain and royalty-free, unlike the mp3 spec. This means that anyone can implement their own decoder/encoder for ogg vorbis. This allows both proprietary and free software writers to become involved in ogg vorbis. Also, all the ogg vorbis tools off their website are licensed under the GPL or LPGL licenses. This is also a good thing for those of us that like free software."

"In short, ogg vorbis was developed with the limitations and restrictions of the mp3 file format in mind. There are no royalties to pay for using the ogg vorbis format because the patent-free specification is in the public domain. This allows software developers to write royalty-free ogg vorbis encoders and musicians to sell their music in the ogg vorbis format without paying royalties on each song sold. A boon for everyone?"

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