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LinuxPR: Sun Releases Globalization Technology to Open Source Community

Aug 29, 2000, 17:11 (0 Talkback[s])

"Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced it will release the source code for the internationalization technologies for the Solaris Operating Environment to X.org, a non-profit, international consortium responsible for standards requirements in the X Window System. This code, made available under the X license, will provide open source software developers with an easy way to design applications which operate in virtually all national language environments and among the operating systems that utilize X-windowing technologies, such as Linux and Unix variants."

"Until now, open source developers have typically had to write additional code for each separate national language they wanted to support in their application. This internationalization technology provides developers a comprehensive environment for developing applications that will run in multiple national languages around the world, allowing access to a significantly broader market using the same amount of coding effort. As this code becomes adopted by the open source development community, more global users will have access to applications in their native language."

"To date, many open source applications could not reach international markets because applications have needed additional customized code for each spoken language and locale," said Mike Rogers, Sun's Vice President of Global Engineering and Information Services. "This release of code will accelerate the availability of globalized applications for the UNIX systems community in the same way that Java technology accelerated availability of cross-platform applications."

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