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DistributionWatch Review: Red Hat Linux 7

Sep 26, 2000, 16:41 (16 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Brian Proffitt)

"There were, of course, quite a few changes in this new version of Red Hat, such as the addition of Gnome 1.2, XFree86 4.0.1, and (for the server junkies) included OpenSSH encryption tools. When put all together, they add up to a significant change. But was it enough to justify a new .0 release? On the surface, many of the configuration and interface tools are exactly like those found in Red Hat 6.2, so those of you looking for a quantum leap in the Red Hat OS will be disappointed."

"It does deserve the 7.0 moniker for at least one technical reason: the binaries for 7.0 are not compatible with those for 6.2. In development terms, that means its time to roll out the old .0...."

"As reported earlier, Red Hat 7.0 is shipping with the 2.2.16 kernel. There were some hints early in the development phase that they might try to use the 2.4 kernel, but those proved to be unfounded. For the really cutting edge users, the prerelease of kernel 2.4 will be shipped with the distribution's CDs, but this is only for the brave of heart. Red Hat is sticking with the 2.2.16 kernel for now."

"Something that was a real disappointment to me while testing was the decision to not release KDE2 as the KDE release for Red Hat 7.0. The rollback occurred because KDE2 product could not be thoroughly tested before the final release. While I agreed with the decision at the time, it was still a bit of a disappointment because from what I saw of KDE2, it is much improved over KDE. If you want to try KDE2, it, like the pre 2.4 kernel, is available for installation in a preview section of the installation CDs."

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