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Lotus.com: Eric Raymond replies to Charles Connell

Sep 29, 2000, 20:26 (12 Talkback[s])
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"In his article "Open Source Projects Manage Themselves? Dream On," Chuck Connell aims some mighty rhetorical blows at a set of propositions that he believes are premises or consequences of the open-source development model. He specifically quotes, and attempts to refute, my work in The Cathedral and the Bazaar and subsequent papers."

"Unfortunately, Mr. Connell's analysis has grave flaws. He confuses my observations about the structure of the open-source community in the large with claims about the organization of individual projects in the small. This confusion leads him up several garden paths and down a number of blind alleys."

"The confusion begins immediately with Mr. Connell's title, "Open Source Projects Manage Themselves? Dream on." Of course they don't, and nobody who has ever participated in one would dream of claiming that they do. Live projects have leader/managers. In fact, most live projects have a single leader who is the final arbiter of the design. The centrality of this " benevolent dictator" role is widely understood in the community. It is so important that the community has evolved an elaborate set of customs to legitimize and regulate it; customs I have described in Homesteading the Noosphere."

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