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Dutch geeks create a CyberFlat

Sep 30, 2000, 19:25 (1 Talkback[s])


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[ Thanks to Milan Kaihatu for this announcement. ]

One day, somewhere in the north of The Netherlands, two boys decided that they needed more space for their computer networks. A small room in their parents' residence became to small within moments after they started with a new hobby, poking around with Linux -- so they had to move on.

This time they got their hands on a nice appartment which would be suitable for an older couple. At least that's what the real estate agent thought. The Cyberflat crew did not, so the started wiring the house with meters of cat-5 cables, phonelines and other data connections. Starting with a few computers, basicly running Linux, the boys had good fun on their network. But after a while Juggler and ||meg got bored so they thought they needed something new in their flat. With a few bucks they earned helping other people around with networks, they went to the hardware shop to get the parts they needed. Finally they could practise their school-knowledge. The boys were happy again.

Building stuff was a good distraction of their daily misery of life. A local isp decided to support them with some webspace and a good domain name (www.cyberflat.nl). In July the boys connected a few webcams to the internet. From then on they shared their fun with the rest of the world. There's only one problem: miss Girlfriend doesn't like webcams at all ;-)

Technical facts:

The CyberFlat consists of 18 computers which run the CyberFlat 24 hours per day. They control everything from MP3 to lights and the measure everything from doorbell to temperatures. Most of the computers run Linux Slackware. The kernels vary from 1.2.3 to 2.2.16.

The homemade MP3 player runs under Linux Redhat, this machine is connected to 14 speakers divided over 3 amplifiers. That's why even the CyberFlat has angry neighbours. Unfortunately, because of a lack of good webcam software and electronic banking software, our workstations run Windowze 95 and 98. Everything connected through a 10 Mbps network causes a continuous power consumption of 631 kWh per month.

CyberFlat website: http://www.cyberflat.nl