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QubeCorner: On the Sale of Cobalt to Sun

Oct 01, 2000, 06:48 (0 Talkback[s])

"Everyone and his cousin Mabel now know that Sun has bought Cobalt. What does that mean for us? Us being people using Qubes or RaQs or considering buying them. I don't know. Sun has never either built or sold things to consumers (eg the Qube). But as the Qube sells so poorly in North America, and Cobalt hasn't made any noise about new Qubes to replace the Qube2, I'm assuming the Qube is dead. As for Sun porting Solaris to the RaQ2s, I don't think so. The RaQ2s are also dead, and Cobalt is selling them simply because they've still got lots of them sitting in a warehouse. While Cobalt looked like they might revolutionise server devices, it looks like they gave up quickly. There's more money to be made selling RaQs to ISPs than Qubes to you and me. Note that these are simply my opinions, which are based on what I've read in the trade papers and on my own thoughts. I don't know anyone with connections to Cobalt."

"That they are making noises about moving the RaQs over to Solaris from Linux doesn't mean much. It wasn't the OS that was remarkable, it was the web administration interface. Solaris has always been respected, at least in the last few years. Sun hardware is another story. (Read Philip Greenspun's book.)"

"Will they kill Cobalt? Who knows. I remember them buying Lighthouse Design years ago. I think the idea was that they would produce spiffy Java apps or OpenStep apps. But no one ever heard from them again as far as I know. There is still a site run by someone who appears to have connections with the original Lighthouse Design crew, but who now apparently works for Netscape. Lighthouse used to have the funniest ads in NeXTWorld magazine. The fine print could have come from Radiohead."

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