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PenguinPPC.org: MontaVista's Monopoly of Minds

Oct 03, 2000, 12:16 (0 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to jeramy b smith for this link. ]

"Up until now, ppc/linux hackers have been a very proportionate group. Not many businesses had more than than a few bitheads coding and there was a large Academia contingent of collegiate students/teachers. With the success of TiVo, there is now a readily available example of how successful ppc/linux can work in embedded systems. If there is money to be earned in this arena then embedded companies will follow suit and hire the people who can make these systems work. Indeed, you will probably never see more people working on ppc/linux at IBM than at an embedded solutions provider."

"One company has taken a head start at getting our best and brightest. Working for this company are such notables as Mark Hatle, David Gatwood, Matt Porter, Dan Malek, Troy Benjegerdes, and others. With more aquisitions to come, this puts MontaVista (www.mvista.com) at the forefront of ppc embedded system software design. With more planned new hires, MontaVista is setting up a Monopoly of Minds. MontaVista is pretty much the first "big player" in the ppc/linux marketplace and as such it will be interesting to see how they will be regarded by the members of the development community unaffiliated with them."

"When a company buys up so much mindshare, people have a natural tendency to assume the company will use it to leverage their company line on what software should do. Until now, you would be hard pressed to find an example of mvista employees ganging up to get their changes into the kernel or toolchains. MontaVista does not sell a desktop/server version of ppc/linux and ppc is but one of many platforms they develop. It is hard to find an area to scrutinize them in because their success is not determined by the strength of the powerpc platform. Despite these facts, will we be prone to point fingers when three of their guys disagree publicly with one guy not employed with them? The verdict is still out on what perceptions and conceptions the community will develop about the first company who has gone on a ppc hacker spending spree."

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