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Qt-2.2.1 released

Oct 05, 2000, 15:00 (0 Talkback[s])


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From the KDE Developer Mailing List:

Qt 2.2.1 is a maintainance release. It keeps backward binary compatibility
with Qt 2.1 and both forward and backward source compatibility with Qt

Qt 2.2.0 had a binary compatibility problem with the following:

   bool QRect::contains( const QRect &r, bool proper=FALSE ) const

Qt 2.2.1 corrects this. Programs compiled with 2.1.x now continue
running with 2.2.1. Programs compiled with versions other than 2.2.0
may not run with 2.2.0, so upgrading to 2.2.1 is additionally important.

*                           General                                        *

- Various compilation problems on particular platforms fixed

- Many improvments in QThread. More platforms supported
  (e.g. HPUX 11.x), uses native threads on Solaris rather than
  compatibility posix threads

- A few newly discovered memory leaks and free memory reads fixed

- As usual, many minor bugfixes, too small to be mentioned here.

*                          Designer                                        *

- in KDE mode: don't show all KDE widgets in the toolbars, since we do
  not have icons for them (yet). They are accessible through the menu
  structure, though.

- Introduced concept of a global /etc/designerrc and a templatePath
  for the sake of Linux Standard Base (LSB) and the way Linux
  ditributors like to package the Qt Free Edition.

- Support for tab names in a QTabWidget, and page names in a QWizard.

- Support for button IDs in a button group, makes it possible to utilize
  one single slot for all buttons in a group.

*                          Library                                         *

QClipboard:     X11 only: fixed occasional crashes, possibly corrupted
                list of provided types and hangups of several seconds under
                certain circumstances.

QFileDialog:    Fixed update when renaming a file to an existing file
                Unix only: Reset error status after attempting to read an
                empty file
                Fixed magical resetting of the "Open" label
                Fixed duplicate entries in the history combobox

QFont:          Fixes for Hewbrew, Arabic and Thai encodings
                Added support for Ukrainian encodings
                X11 only: loading fonts for a locale other than the
                current now possible (allows displaying japanese characters
                in a latin1 application without relying on the existence of
                a unicode font)

QHeader:        removing labels fixed, important for QTable and QListView

QIconView:      drawing problem with missleading font metrices and
                bounding rectangles fixed

QMessageBox:    use the main widget's or parent's icon if available

QLayout:        synchronize the behaviour of sublayouts and subwidgets with

QLineEdit:      Update cursor position if QValidator::fixup() truncates the

QMainWindow:    Fixed calculated minimum size. Sometimes, the minimum width
                of the central widget was disregarded.

QMenuBar:       Sizing fixed for frameless menubars in toolbars in
                Motif-based styles

QMotifPlusStyle: correct drawing of triangular tabs

QMovie:         keep frameImage() during EndOfMovie signal

QDom:           add comments when reading a xml file into the dom

QPrinter:       MS-Windows only: Fixed invalidation when setup dialog was

QSgiStyle:      Small drawing problem with QTabBar fixed.
                Fixed drawing of special prefix in menu items

QSizePolicy:    setHeightForWidth() was broken, works now

QTextCodec:     significant speedups for latin1 conversion

QTextStream:    small speed improvements for readLine()
                Added codec for ukrainian (koi8-u) encoding

QWheelEvent:    Support for the MSH_MOUSEWHEEL extension on MS-Windows 95

QWidget:        X11 only: Fixed possible mouse lock-ups when re-entering
                the event loop on mouse events for widgets of type
                X11 only: set input context when setting the active
                X11 only: when dialogs were closed, the main window looked
                like it lost focus with some window managers. This has been
                fixed now.

QWidgetStack:   potential flicker issue fixed

QWorkspace:     normalize minimized children when they get focus
                removed occasional flashing (e.g. when maximizing child
                Look and feel adjustments to emulate MS-Windows even
                Documented that the active window can be 0 if there is no
                active window
                Slightly modifed the button decorations to be more general
                and less KDE2 specific

*               Changes that might affect runtime behavior                 *


We synchronized the behaviour of sublayouts and subwidgets with
layouts. This shows great effect in the designer, were you usually
operate on container subwidgets in the design phase, but get a
complete layout in the preview mode or the generated code. For
example, the influence of a spacer item on a sublayout's size policy
has been reduced. The modifications may slightly affect the layout of
some dialogs.

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