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Open Letter to Eric S. Raymond: Let's Get Linux into the Digital Divide Conference!

Oct 06, 2000, 19:16 (17 Talkback[s])
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[ Thanks to Tim Hanson for this announcement. ]

Subject: World Tactics Organization
   Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 11:37:05 -0700
   From: Tim Hanson 
     To: esr@thyrsus.com
     CC: Bruce Perens , Linux Weekly News , Richard Stallman 

Hi Eric,

I am disturbed by an article in Techweb about a conference in Seattle
from which Linux has apparently been shut out:


[ "Tackling The Digital Divide -- Without Linux", LT post here ] It looks to be a conference on how the largest proprietary hardware and software vendors can lock the market for personal computers in third world countries before Linux takes the whole bundle. Note that many companies which have supposedly supported Linux are participating in this exclusionary conference. Since I live in Seattle, I would be interested in helping to organize our own "meeting" outside their meeting place, complete with Debian CDs (or anyone else's who cares to participate), plenty of Linux and Penguin paraphenalia, various questions to attendees, and a boisterous good time in the presence of the PC vendor royalty. This might be a good time and place to spread our message, and publicize theirs.