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Community: LPI's Dan York Joins e-Smith

Oct 07, 2000, 22:27 (2 Talkback[s])
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With a mixture of both sadness and pleasure I want to let you all
know that effective October 9th, I will no longer be working for
Linuxcare and instead for a Linux startup called e-smith in Ottawa,

I WILL STILL BE LEADING LPI and, in fact, from the LPI perspective 
very little will change.

Essentially, after most of 3 years of working out of a home office 
(1.5 with Linuxcare), I have grown tired of it and want to be back
in an office environment where I am working face-to-face with a team
of people.  Unfortunately, given that my wife and I want to be no
further than a day's drive away from our (aging) families, moving
to Linuxcare's San Francisco office (where the training group is
located) is not an option.  And so, sadly, I have faced the
reality that I must leave the company that I have enjoyed so much.

Now, we will be moving 6.5 hours north to Ottawa, Ontario (Canada),
where I will be the director of training for a small (23-person)
Linux startup called e-smith (http://www.e-smith.com/ ). There I
will be building a team of people to create courses and provide
training on e-smith's products and services.  It's a great group
of people and they are very supportive of my continuing to spend
part of my time coordinating LPI efforts.  I'm looking forward 
to it. (Although moving to Ottawa just *before* winter is not 
necessarily the brightest of ideas - it gets darn cold there!)

I have thoroughly enjoyed working for Linuxcare and continue to
believe that they are one of the best Linux companies out there.
I will always be *extremely* grateful to Dave Sifry, David Mandala,
Art Tyde and Dave Laduke for hiring me and allowing me to have
the time to devote to helping make LPI a reality.  They, and the
successive managers of Linuxcare University (David M., Jim Schweizer,
Patt Montgomery and now Jim Lacey) gave me the freedom - and the
funding - to travel around doing what needed to be done to move
LPI forward.  It's very rare that one has the opportunity to
chase a dream, but they gave me that, and for that I will 
always be thankful.

Why e-smith and not some other Linux company? Several reasons. 
I like the people and their passionate interest in reaching out
to small and medium-size businesses. I think the job role is 
one that will fit me extremely well while providing an excellent
quality of life. (Several other offers I have had would have 
involved 80-90 hour work weeks... which does not interest me,
no matter what the financial gain might be.)  They are VERY
committed to open source and many of the ideals we talk about.
Politically, e-smith is so new that it is not a player in the 
politics that do exist in our community.  And I guess at the end 
of the day I just enjoy startups - this is #5 since 1989 and 
their (e-smith) size is about where Linuxcare was when I first 
joined them.

For the next couple of weeks, things will be a bit insane while
I finish up with Linuxcare and we start the move to Ottawa.
During this time I may be a bit less responsive to email than
I normally would be.  If you have anything urgent to contact
me about that is LPI-related, your best bet may be to email
Wilma Silberman (wilma@lpi.org) with a cc to me.  She can offer
assistance and also get others to help if I am unable to.
You can also call her at 1-905-874-4822.

After October 6th, "dyork@linuxcare.com" will no longer get to me,
but "dan@lpi.org" still will.  You can also use my "permanent"
email of "dyork@Lodestar2.com".  I will also be keeping my
mobile phone (1-603-264-0129) for a few months although I will
have a new mobile phone there in Canada. 

I look forward to seeing many folks down at the Atlanta Linux
Showcase in two weeks.  If any of you will be down there, stop
by the LPI booth and say hello (or call my mobile).

That's the news from up "he-ah" in New Hampshire,

P.S. Evan is already trying to do his best to get me to
talk Canadian... :-)  Hockey, eh?

Dan York, President, Board of Directors  dan@lpi.org
Linux Professional Institute   http://www.lpi.org/
1-603-264-0129 mobile, 603-268-0691 tel, 603-268-0103 fax