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LinuxWorld: Taken by Storm - Part three of Joe Barr's impromptu series on Debian installs

Oct 18, 2000, 23:48 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Joe Barr)

"Some of the first feedback I received about my recent column on the Debian Slink Point Five install told me to give the Storm Linux 2000 install a try. In fact, several people made that suggestion, breaking up the monotonous requests that I fall on my sword and commit hari-kari for offending some adherents of the Debian faith."

"Storm Linux is one of several Debian-based commercial offerings; its creators take pride in its ease of installation. I decided to try it, because if my criticisms of the Slink and Potato installs have any merit, surely it would be reflected in an easy and speedy commercial Debian install."

"My bad luck with installing Debian from CD continued in my first experience with Storm Linux. After one quick drive-by install on CD, which resulted in a system sans NIC driver, I managed somehow to foul the CD's surface and could no longer boot or read from it after booting from a floppy. Baud karma, or something."

"But since I did a network install of Potato in my last column, and the Storm Linux Website says I could easily do the same with that distribution, I opted to do the network thing with Storm. Please note that network installation is not my preferred approach. I don't like to spend hours doing something I could accomplish in minutes. Call me lazy if you like; in fact, please do. All good dweebs are lazy, whether they are programmers, sysadmins, or hackers."

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