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The xEyes/gEyes Fork: Yet Another Attempt by Microsoft to Cripple Linux?

Oct 19, 2000, 15:14 (22 Talkback[s])
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By Kevin Reichard

Many in the Linux community have held Microsoft responsible for some potentially serious forks in Open Source software development -- i.e., the forking of Wine by Corel and the forking of Samba by the Samba-TNG team.

Linux Today has learned of another potentially serious fork in the Linux community: the forking of xEyes/gEyes. And we have incontrovertable proof that the forking was personally overseen by none other than Bill Gates himself.

Check out this screen shot, with gEyes on the top and xEyes on the bottom:


Looks innocent, right? Look closer at the top set of eyes, which is ostensibly gEyes.

It's not.

The image is clearly Bill Gates' eyes. It is evident from this screen shot that Microsoft is trying to insert a subliminal message via a code fork. We have also learned that the g in gEyes does not stand for GNOME -- as we all assumed -- but it stands for Gates.

Pretty evil, huh?

It is clear that Microsoft is trying to hide from this hijaacking of a valuable Linux resource. We attempted to connect to the Microsoft Web site, but it wouldn't load. Our browser indicated that this was due to a Javascript error, but could it be that Microsoft knew that a Linux/Netscape browser was trying to connect and purposely denied access to the site?