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Perl.com: Programming GNOME Applications with Perl, Part One

Oct 21, 2000, 16:11 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Simon Cozens)

"GNOME is the Unix desktop. It's a framework for writing graphical applications with Unix, providing drag-and-drop, interapplication communication, CORBA components (what's called "OLE" in the Windows world) a standard, good-looking interface, and all the other features that you'd expect from modern graphical applications."

"And it's available for Perl, which means Perl programmers can create really neat applications, too. Except there's one slight barrier ...

    % perldoc GNOME
    No documentation found for "GNOME".
I recently needed to write a GNOME application and hit this barrier, and I had to figure the whole thing out pretty much for myself. So, I decided to write these tutorials so that you, dear reader, don't have to. In this first episode, we'll create an extremely simple application, but one with a full, standard GNOME interface."

"The GNOME is a complicated beast and made up of many different libraries and components. Thankfully, for the purposes of this tutorial and a reasonable amount of your programming, you only need to know about two parts: GTK+ and GNOME."

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