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TheLinuxGurus.org: Book Review: Professional Linux Programming

Oct 21, 2000, 18:38 (0 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to David Culp for this link. ]

"This is the companion volume to Beginning Linux Programming from Wrox. I gave Beginning Linux Programming very high marks in my review of it and believe it to be one of the best books to introduce a programmer to Linux. Professional Linux Programming takes off where Beginning Linux Programming left off. The topics are more advanced and the book moves at a faster pace than Beginning Linux Programming. You will also notice it is quite a bit thicker, weighing in at over 1100 pages. Because of the huge amount of information covered in the book I cannot possibly comment on every topic presented, but will touch on the highlights."

"This book takes a different approach in that it steps through the development of a fictional application. The application you will build is an interface for a DVD rental store. Chapter one on application design covers how to plan an application from the ground up. You first decide on the requirements of the application. This is modeled as if you had done research in in the real world by interviewing the store owner, observing the store in action and interviewing customers. Once the requirements of the DVD application are decided on work begins by developing an initial API and data structures for the application. The chapter is a great introduction to the art and science of planning an application. Way too many times programmers sit down in front of the console with only a limited idea of what their application needs to do and how it should work. I know I have been guilty of it far more than I care to admit to. Without careful planning an application quickly becomes a mess of hacked together spaghetti code with a bad user interface. Careful planning is just as important as good code, maybe even more so as careful planning tends to lead to good code design."

"I highly recommended Beginning Linux Programming, I also give two-thumbs up for its successor, Professional Linux Programming. The book covers a lot of material but it does it throughly and effectively. It is not recommended for those new to C/C++ programming or those new to Linux/Unix programming -- for those, I recommend Beginning Linux Programming."

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