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European Unix Platform (EUP): Book Review: Cascading Style Sheets - The Definitive Guide

Oct 28, 2000, 12:39 (1 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Walter Belgers)

"More and more people are using style sheets. Their biggest advantage? You can have one style sheet and use that throughout your entire site. When you'd like to change the way, for instance, your <H1> tags look, you'll only need to change the style sheet, which obviously saves you a lot of work. Also, style sheets seperate the content (for which HTML was invented) from the layout (for which HTML, contrary to popular believe, was not invented)."

"Okay, let's discuss the book. It is called 'the definitive guide' and I must say this book comes very close to that. The first 9 chapters take a close look at CSS1 (version one of the style sheet specification, it's an official standard). These chapters are very well suited to just read from beginning to end. They explain all there is to style sheets, in a very practical way. They author has done extensive testing using various platforms (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, on Windows, UNIX and Mac) and will give useful tips to prevent your HTML from looking awful on a browser that parses style sheets incorreclty. Yes, although all current graphical browsers understand style sheets version 1, not all of them will display all properties like they should. It appears that Opera is the best of the three, Netscape the worst. The author uses many examples to show how the various properties affect the way the HTML is displayed, thus making it much more easy to understand what is going on - a picture says more than 1000 words."

"To summarize: this is a must-read for web designers, and not even only those using style sheets. Designers not yet using style sheets will surely start using them after reading this comprehensive book, which can both be used to make yourself acquanted to style sheets as well as a reference."

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