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KDE.org: The People behind KDE: Reginald Stadlbauer

Oct 30, 2000, 20:48 (0 Talkback[s])

"What is your role within KDE?"

"When I came to KDE I started working on KOffice, mainly by writing KPresenter. Later I started as my second project to develop KWord. Now that I work for Trolltech I'm a bit involved into the kdelibs as well and also try to help with Qt questions as much as possible on the mailinglists, and to implement in Qt what we need for KDE and can't be done in KDE."

"How and when did you get involved in KDE?"

"I got involved after I read an article about KDE written by Kalle in the CT (big german computer magazine) shortly after I installed Linux the first time in summer 1997. I was not happy at all with the windowmanagers available an as I did some GUI programming before already (I even wrote a GUI toolkit on ATARI GEM in Pascal :-), I started learning C++ with Qt and KDE. After a while I wanted to write a file dialog for KDE, but the response from the mailinglists was that such a thing is not needed :-) So I searched for another project to do, and decided to start a presentation program. I posted to the kde lists, that I'll write a powerpoint clone. As I was new to C++ and Qt/KDE, nobody took me serious (as some people told me later :-) But after some time I had something which was awfull code but worked somehow. So I got a CVS account (although coolo was not sure at that time if this is good idea, as he told me later :-) and got more and more involved into KOffice and KDE."

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