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Jerry Pournelle finally admits he's a Microsoft shill

Oct 30, 2000, 18:15 (62 Talkback[s])
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[ Thanks to Darren for this link. ]

Darren writes:

In his Current Mail page, Jerry justifies his shop being a Microsoft shop while taking great pains to explain that NONE of the office suites on GNU/Linux works very well.

Of course, in his usual inimitable style, Mr. Pournelle offers NO supporting evidence to back his conclusions. He simply writes: "Unfortunately all the various office suites for Linux DON'T work very well. And I have tried them all." Please remember that the last thing that Mr. Pournelle tried (and failed) with GNU/Linux was installing Applixware on a RedHat 5.2 distribution.

This torqued me off to the point that I have e-mailed O'Reilly to let them know that Pournelle's upcoming book they are publishing will only tarnish their image for their core market of gearheads. ('proposals@oreilly.com' and 'booktech@oreilly.com')

In Jerry's words:

"But your main point about this being a Microsoft House has some merit. That's not entirely by choice; and indeed the CITRIX article, and my interest in CITRIX and Terminal Server has been to come to practical uses for my readership of alternatives to Microsoft, if only to stimulate competition -- but the recent demonstrations of vulnerability to intrusion make it even more important."

"The problem is that Microsoft Applications work. They work well. They're not all I would like them to be -- Outlook periodically goes off on it's own to do things I don't understand, as we'll see in an upcoming letter from Dr. Hume -- but they do work. Unfortunately all the various office suites for Linux DON'T work very well. And I have tried them all. I have written about them in great excitement when I got them. Then I didn't write any more. It's not because I didn't try them, it is because I will not recommend something I won't use, and frankly I cannot do my work with any of those. I only wish I could. Corel's Word Perfect as a word processor isn't bad, but the entire office suite just doesn't do it for me, and I don't think it will for most readers. Office 2000 has its faults but it does the job."

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