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Gazeta do Linux, Portuguese edition launched

Nov 08, 2000, 08:55 (1 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to febb for this announcement: ]

November 7, 2000. Mexico City; Mexico. Bufete Consultor de Mexico - Piensa Systems (www.piensa.com) has announced, in association with Linux View (www.linuxview.com.br) in Brazil, the launch of the new web site entitled "Gazeta do Linux" as a Portuguese edition of the very well known electronic magazine "Linux Gazette", effective immediately.

"Gazeta do Linux" pretends to be a permanent space for the promotion and sponsoring of the GNU/Linux and Open Source worldwide movement as well as being a support tool for the use of open technologies in all Portuguese speaking countries.

"We are searching for volunteers to enrich and enhance Gazeta do Linux in every aspect."; said Monique Ollivier, (mollivier@piensa.com) image and content managing editor of the new web's sister edition in Spanish: La Gaceta de Linux, "in first place, we need lots of support to translate, in a monthly basis, the original articles in foreign languages; mostly English; to Portuguese and, maybe even more important, we want Gazeta do Linux to be an open forum to whomever wants to write about Linux or just publish their work."

"After the site's launch, we will add more features and services to Gazeta do Linux, just as we did with the Spanish edition, providing special benefits to the ones that contribute to the site with a bit of their time as well as benefits to the general public."

Felipe Barousse, (fbarousse@piensa.com); Bufete Consultor de Mexico - Piensa Systems, CEO and General Director: "We want this open technologies and all the broad experience that the global Linux community has acquired, to be leveraged at the maximum by all those individuals and companies that are speaking Portuguese across the globe."

"Having a tool like Gazeta do Linux and, of course, the web, allows us to very efficiently promote Linux and all related technologies to be used in real life industry, businesses and corporate use; for instance; in Latin America, most of small to medium sized businesses do require IT services and systems that really do work, and work well but, not at the very high cost of the current "systems" that are well known to all company owners ...

It is our experience that Linux is an excellent alternative."

"Another very important readers and users group for Gazeta do Linux is the academic one. That's where tomorrow's IT people are and, we have to let them know about Linux and what this new technology trend is. Educating people at every level is the key and that is the most important goal of Gazeta do Linux."

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