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AllLinuxDevices: Weekly Roundup: November 8, 2000

Nov 08, 2000, 21:25 (0 Talkback[s])
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The Big Story Of The Week:

Indrema Developer Network Launches, CEO Gildred Clarifies Certification and Copy Protection Goals

Linux-based game console maker Indrema revealed a little more about their plans this week with a webcast and a followup teleconference announcing the launch of their Indrema Developer Network website, which features the first release of their developer kit.

There weren't a lot of surprises, but there was one subtle change:

Indrema's previously announced fee structure for developers used to center around the notion that there would be no royalties at all, and the certification fees involved would be charged to for-profit game developers. With Monday's announcements, that changed subtly. Free software developers will now pay a certification fee (a nominal amount, described as a "token" by a representative who couldn't provide hard numbers) to get their games released for the system, and for-profit developers will pay a certification fee and royalties on each title.

The other interesting bit out of the announcements came from solid information on Indrema's approach to copy protection: they'll be using it, and they won't budge on that. More on that tomorrow.

Some related press releases were also sent out along with the site launch:

Community Notes
Two sites caught our attention this week:

The Week That Was
In addition to Indrema's announcements, Transmeta figured heavily in the news. Between defections from partners who have withdrawn plans to use Crusoe in upcoming projects, and an IPO that did fairly well despite all that, here's a collection of the stories we had:

  • The Register: Intel claimed to have squeezed IBM to dump Transmeta
    "IBM's decision to dump its planned Crusoe-based ThinkPad 240 had nothing to do with benchmarks, and everything to do with Intel, according to sources close to Transmeta. Quanta, which was to build the machines, was surprised when the project was abruptly cancelled; one Transmeta partner who declined to be named told The Register: "It was on schedule, fully functional, and IBM were very happy with it."
  • The Register: Desperate Dell begging Transmeta for a Crusoe deal?
    "Dell's cosy relationship with Intel, and a little carelessness with secret files, is causing the company serious grief with Transmeta, a usually reliable source alleges. "Dell has been calling Transmeta every week for the last two months," he says, but Transmeta won't return the calls."
  • Transmeta's Crusoe not ready for mainstream - Gartner
    "Kevin Knox, senior analyst at Gartner, said: "The two major advantages Crusoe has are that it goes into a small system and its power savings. But the question is exactly how much power does it save? An extra hour would not be enough to justify moving away from Intel, but three to four would be worth it."
  • Transmeta shares soar despite Crusoe doubts
    "Trading in Transmeta shares began at $21 on Tuesday and closed at $45.25 - putting a $5.7bn valuation on the Intel contender. Transmeta had already sold 13 million shares at $21 to institutional investors on Monday, beefing up its coffers by $273m."

Coming Up
COMDEX is next week, and we'll be there, too. There are lots of Linux devices getting ready to hit the market, and we'll provide as many hands-on looks as we can.

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