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LWN: FreeDevelopers.net - the way forward?

Nov 09, 2000, 15:17 (1 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to tony stanco for this link. ]

"A rather widely distributed message made the rounds this week, proclaiming that Richard Stallman and the GNU Project support FreeDevelopers.net. Many people had not heard of this organization previously, and were naturally curious about what's going on. It is, in fact, an interesting initiative which seeks to change the way software is developed worldwide."

"The company will be bound to developing software under the GPL only - no other free software licenses need apply. It is a highly international effort, with members from over a dozen countries - including a number of "developing" countries."

"The membership of FreeDevelopers shares an intense distaste for proprietary software - they seriously hope to drive it off the planet. They are also uncomfortable with the current crowd of free software companies, which they see as unfairly profiting from the work of others. Consider, for example, this message from FreeDevelopers founder Tony Stanco:

I don't think there is distributional justice in taking the work of others without compensation and having the insiders reap billion dollar rewards from it. What I found especially disturbing is, at the time, they were saying that open source is a "gift" community. So why did they get most of the gifts? Why didn't they give multi-billion dollar gifts back? I don't see why there can't be a more equitable distribution of ownership in those companies. If there was, more developers would be compensated and more free software would be written."

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