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TurboLinux Releases UNICON 3.0

Nov 14, 2000, 14:26 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Arthur Ma)

[ Thanks to Majun (Arthur Ma) for this announcement. ]

                       Unicon V3.0 Release
                               14/11/2000, TurboLinux, Beijing.

UNICON 3.0 has been released by TurboLinux, Beijing. In addition to
Chinese language support this version can display on the Linux console
double-byte character sets for many additional Asian languages. Font
management and virtual console support has also been enhanced. This
version maintains compatibility with Linux console applications and
includes improvements in memory efficiency and stability.

The new version has the following highlights:
1. The following encodings can be displayed: 
   Big5, GB, GBK, JIS, KSCM.
2. Console Application Compatibility
   UNICON modifies the kernel as little as possible, but still needs to
   for display and input. It can support console virtual terminals, GPM
   mouse, keyboard and almost all video devices using the kernel frame
   buffer. It is difficutl for the to tell the difference between a UNICON
   console tty and the standard Linux TTY. Applications don't require any
   modification. UNICON also can display IBM table characters mixed with
   double byte language encodings.
3. Every console virtual terminal has independent state and can display
   any font, input method, etc. One virtual terminal can display Chinese
   and another can display Japanese at the same time.
4. Modular structure easily extended
   The UNICON application level could be ported to other UNIX systems.
   There are three logical parts to UNICON: kernel patch, device driver,
   user level input C/S. To port the system to a new machine, most work 
   is in the device driver and kernel patch. User parts do not need
5. provide API & General Input method interface
   we provide the IMM interface for application programmer. this means the 
   two aspects:
     1). IMM modules interface
         when user want to add special IMM into the system, he just write 
         a modules and reconfigure the system.
     2). Client / Server interface
         when user want to change the structure, he need to modify this 
         and does not  change other.
6. support multiple language font
   Unicon support multiple fonts in kernel and provide a dynamic switch 
   based on this.
7. Install & configration script support & document
8. provide the share input method for Xfree86
9. provide hotkey switch for language, fonts, IMM
10. flexible configuration file support.
   User can config the system by modifying the configure file

We have implemented UNICON all according to the GPL (GNU Public License).
From the begining of the UNICON, we have followed the GPL and have released
all the source code and documentation. UNICON has been included in all
TurboLinux Chinese releases. It is used heavily in China where console
applications are relied on for many tasks. We hope the UNICON project
will increase the use of Linux in China and the rest of Asia. As Linux
I18N support evolves so too will UNICON.

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