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IBM developerWorks: GNOMEnclature: Intro to Bonobo - Using CORBA and ORBit in GNOME applications

Nov 19, 2000, 17:13 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by George Lebl)

"In his previous column, George Lebl talked about handling multiple application documents using GnomeMDI. In this and the next few columns, he will discuss Bonobo and other related component-model technologies. This series begins with an introduction to some Bonobo basics like the C API for CORBA."

"In starting to talk about Bonobo, I'd like to recycle the concept of a component model from my previous column. Component models focus a user's attention on documents rather than on applications. But what exactly are components? Well, a component is an object, much like a GTK+ widget or the Java string object, with one important difference. Rather than being a single implementation, a component is a piece of software separate from the application. The component supports a set of well-defined interfaces (but different components can implement the same interface). So if an application knows how to embed components (generally) with an embedding interface, it will be able to embed any particular component that implements this embedding interface. Then when someone writes a new program that handles new kinds of documents, the application will be able to embed them without requiring any changes to its code."

"Components can also do things like display HTML text, in which case the application uses the component only as a widget. This has the advantage of making the application independent of any HTML component installed on the user's system, rather than having to rely on a "hard-coded" component."

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