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CNET News.com: Sun's Zander: Linux will fragment

Nov 27, 2000, 14:18 (33 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Stephen Shankland)

"CNET News.com: A lot of people call Java proprietary to a certain degree.

Zander: Bah! Java will go down, 10 to 20 years from now, as the most open, standard language and software environment that has hit our industry as long as I've been around. Here it is four and a half years later, we've got 2.5 million programmers in Java, we've got every educational institution and high school teaching children (Java). I don't get a dime for this stuff. ..."

"Sun software evangelist George Paolini was talking about eventually open-sourcing it. ... At what point?

When we think innovation has happened to the point where we have pervasiveness. And even with open source, if you're going to use the Java brand, you passed the conformance test. The thing with Linux today--I call it the bathtub. I can throw source in there. It's all floating around and it's available to everybody. But I as a vendor can take anything I want out of that bathtub and call it Linux. Now if you think that's going to work for application developers, call me in a year or two when IBM's Linux is different than HP's Linux is different than Dell's Linux and (a customer) will have to recompile five times. You've broken it effectively. So you cannot depend on one Linux."

"So who needs the other partner more? Do you need Intel more than they need Solaris?

We don't need anybody (now). In the industry five years ago, seven years ago...I don't think Intel needed us; we needed them. Sparc did not have the breadth and application base. Today we are growing at 30 to 40 percent a year. And applications are coming over here in droves."

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