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LinuxPR: Open Source Developer's Agreement released

Nov 27, 2000, 12:26 (1 Talkback[s])

Andrew van der Stock writes:

"We've just released our open source developer's agreement. The OSDA allows companies or employees to negotiate into their employment contracts the certainty of owning IP they develop under clear guidelines. This will help all the people out there who develop open source software but are afraid to release it, or more likely, are afraid their boss will react and or ask for a cut of the (non-existent) action. Get it on the main web site, or on SourceForge."

From the press release announcing the project:

"Most open source contributors are not fully aware of the legal ramifications of contributing software to an open source license without explicit permission from their employers; many employment contracts currently contain clauses that could result in unexpected legal action from an employer who believes that they 'own' the code."

"We saw a dire need to clarify this situation for our members, and so we worked with a legal firm with experience in intellectual property situations to compose the relevant clauses", said Luke Mewburn, SAGE-AU's Vice President and project organiser."

"Without these clauses, many open source contributors might find that their employer actually owns the rights to any code they develop," said Geoff Halprin, SAGE committee member."

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Press Release