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GamePro: Indrema: The Next Big Thing?

Nov 27, 2000, 18:03 (2 Talkback[s])

"Sony, Sega, Nintendo, Microsoft?that short list alone is enough to intimidate just about anyone in the games business, but not John Gildred. Call him a genius or just plain crazy, Gildred, the founder and CEO of Indrema, hopes to turn the videogame market on its ear with a new system that he hopes will attract a new breed of developers, and more importantly gamers, to the Indrema Entertainment System. His secret? Linux."

"Linux is the open source operating system that runs on many typical PCs, but is provided for free and has a rabid following among the more technically savvy users. This free OS, and the host of free applications available for it, even has operating systems giant Microsoft looking over its shoulder."

"One of the linchpins of launching a new videogame system is developer support. Gildred and the others at Indrema feel that the cost of entry is way too high for developing games for platforms like the N64, PlayStation, and Dreamcast, often costing tens of thousands of dollars just to join the developer program. In addition, complex software development kits that change every generation and are tough to use make development costs even higher."

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