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Linux.com: Linux Vegas: Fear and Loafing at COMDEX 2000

Nov 28, 2000, 00:28 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Michelle Klein-H√Ęss)

"...things changed when I got into the Linux Business Expo. I was in awe of the fact that there were so many people exhibiting there, and so many people were there checking out the exhibits. I have seen trade shows that were smaller than that show-within-a-show! It even impressed my non-techie, non-Linux user Significant Other."

"Corel was present and talking really defiantly about their commitment to Linux, making the news of their current intent to sell their Linux unit even more perplexing. I actually asked someone on the floor "So, with this Microsoft deal you aren't going to give up on Linux, right?" The answer was immediate and confident..."Hell no!" The guy spoke of future plans, of a new version of Corel Linux based on Debian's "Potato" release but with the brand new Kernel 2.4 on the way. But that apparently isn't to be now."

"The big winner of the Penguin Playoffs at Linux Business Expo was Pocket Linux, a special distribution for handhelds. Not only did it impress the judges at Linux Journal, it impressed the hell out of me too. Pocket Linux was shown not only working on pricey Compaq iPaqs and Casio Cassiopeas, but on the very econo VTech Helio. According to Pocket Linux's website, Pocket Linux is not ready for prime time but will be in a couple of months. However, the Helio I saw looked pretty damn good and worked well. It looks strikingly like a Visor but is $100 cheaper when compared to a similarly equipped Visor: the Helio is $149 at Outpost.Com, where the Visor Deluxe is $249 most places, and both have 8MB of RAM. Pocket Linux is built around a Java compatible engine called Kaffe that will run most Java applets, and all configuration files in Pocket Linux are written in XML. Frankly, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around what all that implies. All I know is what I saw working was very Palm-like and it was running on Linux. And I also know I have fallen in techno-lust with the thing. If I wasn't so damn broke I'd buy one today and use their proprietary OS until Pocket Linux was fully ready."

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