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OLinux.com.br: Joe Kaplenk and the OSs

Nov 28, 2000, 15:40 (1 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Fernando Correa for this link. ]

"OLinux: What role do you play in the Open Source world these days?

Joe Kaplenk: One of my major efforts at the moment is in bringing Linux in the training and academic system administration training area. ... The role I see myself playing is in helping to develop programs for training system admins. Because Linux allows itself to run in more places than any other operating system it is a natural solution to the problem. Students can learn and develop skills that they might not otherwise have. The materials I developed over the years turned into my first two books, the UNIX System Administrator's Interactive Workbook and the Linux Network Administrator's Interactive Workbook. They also formed the start of the whole Prentice-Hall series on Interactive Workbooks."

"OLinux: As an educator, what do you think about this Linux certification services proliferation? ...

Joe Kaplenk: Some employers are demanding Linux certification. My last assignment was one that required me to have my Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), which I have. Personally, I think certification is overemphasized and the important thing is what the admin has done and can do. The RHCE comes the closest to being a true test because it has three parts. The first is multiple choice, the second is debugging and the third is installation. The other certifications that I am aware of do not have this. They are only multiple choice type questions. As an instructor that uses multiple choice questions, I am very familiar with the failings and I try to balance this with hands-on work. ..."

"OLinux: What does mean the big companies, like IBM, involvement with Linux? Is it really good for the Linux community?

Joe Kaplenk: The Linux community is tending to go in two directions. There is the Free Software Foundation or the GNU/Linux group that is devoted to the purity of the GNU GPL license. ... However, the other direction is that many companies such as IBM are getting involved. They are finding that they can make a lot of money on Linux services. ... The operating system can sell the hardware. If IBM can sell more boxes by using Linux then they will. IBM is adding their apps to run on Linux. They are pushing Linux because they know the market is going to Linux and they can sell their apps and services on Linux and make money that way. In IBM's world Linux is one more product to support and make money."

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