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PenguinPPC.org: the obligatory 2000 hardware roundup

Nov 28, 2000, 21:01 (0 Talkback[s])
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"The Phillips TiVo has taken the tinkerer world by storm. At first, this device was trumpeted for its utility on sites like Ars and slashdot. When the news that these machines were running linux inside and _could_ be tinkered with came out, even more of these machines flew off the shelf. In recent weeks, more exotic hacks for these machines have risen including one allowing for ethernet. The TiVo shows that the ppc architecture does not have to compete on the desktop to be successful."

"IBM finally got exposure late this year on the monster they have brewing. The Power4 first came to light in our littel niche this summer when a bootlog surfaced with the bogomips removed. This successor to the capable Power3 processor is a multi-core, SOI, copper interconnect, piece of raw 64bit goodness. It has received play from some of the hardware sites but can only be speculated on since it is not in full production yet. The ASCI White Power3 based supercomputer is the fastest in the world right now so one can only wonder how far the Power4 can take computing."

"This year we have seen the rise of what this author considers the first true inernet appliance, the Kerbango by 3com. Until now, most Internet 'Appliances' were merely cheap PCs with limited capabilities. Yeah, right. The Kerbango is an embedded linux device using a ppc processor. It is an Internet radio. You turn the knobs to tune in to Internet radio channels. These devices are nice for those of us who don't like sparing our CPU cycles for decoding mp3 streams or RealPlayer feeds. You plug the Kerbango into a cat5 jack and voila! You can turn it on and off easily and you operate it using a few buttons and knobs. It has a small footprint and consumes little power. This is in this author's opinion the first true mass market Internet appliance. Cheers 3com!"

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