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Advogato: A modest proposal: integrating "desktop" technologies into the base GNU system

Nov 29, 2000, 22:12 (25 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Ryan Muldoon)

"One of GNOME's primary goals is to create a development framework that makes the programmer's life easier. This is done in two ways: by providing libraries for conveniently adding various features and, more recently, by creating a set of components that are easily interchanged in larger applications. This goal should be one of the GNU platform in general. For Free platforms to really succeed, there needs to be a compelling technical reason for both users and developers to choose them over proprietary solutions. The key is integration: both at the application level and the services level."

"The GNU platform should consider several of the base GNOME libraries for GNU-wide usage. The most obvious are Glib, gconf, gnome-vfs, and bonobo/OAF. None of these libraries require GNOME as a whole to be installed, and any X requirements are planned to be eliminated."

"Glib 2.0 will provide an object system, portable data types, generally useful data structures, and other functionality. No doubt much of this is duplicated numerous times in various applications of the GNU system. Consolidating it into a single library will benefit all of them: not only will it lower memory usage, but it provides a single location for code improvement that benefits a great range of applications and utilities. GConf provides a simple API for application configuration storage, abstracting the back-end storage method. Employing this in GNU programs will allow the consolidation of configuration methods for programs. Not only would this provide the ability to greatly simplify the /etc configuration mess, and the array of dotfiles in home directories as Apple's OS X was able to do, but it would allow for generic configuration tools like Linuxconf to be much more successful."

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