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Virtual Meeting in UniNet (UMEET'2000)

Dec 03, 2000, 21:22 (0 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to UniNet for this announcement: ]

UniNet (http://www.uninet.edu/) is developing the First Unix Virtual Meeting in UniNet (UMEET'2000).

UMEET is configured as a traditional meeting, but using electronic media. The talks are exposed in www and presented via IRC. The program is available at: http://umeet.uninet.edu/english/des.eng.html.

The talks are in English or Spanish. Some conferences given by some kernel developpers in English with simultaneous translation over IRC. Rik van Riel speaks about "Too little, too slow, memory management".

Slides are at http://umeet.uninet.edu/conferencias/RikVanRiel/mmtour.html
IRC log of the conference (questions and replies also available) are at http://umeet.uninet.edu/conferencias/27-11-2000/2711.html

Rik van Riel and Marcelo Tosatti talk about "Linux and High Availability" and the BRBD project http://umeet.uninet.edu/conferencias/29-11-2000/2911_eng.html and finally, yesterday Harald Welte gave us a talk about "The netfilter framework in Linux 2.4" http://umeet.uninet.edu/conferencias/01-12-2000/0112.html.

We will have other talks during the next few days, tomorrow with Youngjin Hahn about "GIMP", or later with Marius Aamodt Eriksen about "snoopy" and others.