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Apache Today: Holistix Web Manager 2.0 Speeds Web Site Problem Solving

Dec 04, 2000, 22:37 (0 Talkback[s])

"Holistix today announced the latest version of its powerful software for monitoring Web systems and diagnosing their performance and availability for critical e-business applications. Version 2.0 of Holistix Web Manager offers more comprehensive Web component monitoring via new 'profiles' -- default templates that enable immediate configuration and monitoring of complex Web system elements such as BEA Systems' WebLogic Server and F5 Networks' BIG-IP Controller. The new version also speeds Web-site problem solving with new reporting features, such as the Correlation Report to track cause and effect and the 'at-a-glance' console to make it easy for everyone from the CTO to the network administrator to know the health of the entire Web site with just one look. Holistix Web Manager, along with the Holistix Remote Monitor service, is part of the company's overall strategy to provide a complete end-to-end system to detect, respond to and prevent Web performance problems on both sides of an e-business firewall, so that enterprises can ensure optimal Web site performance...."

"Holistix Web Manager monitors the health of e-business applications, such as account login or order entry, based on the performance of Web system components that contribute to that application. Web Manager monitors all critical Web system components, including Web servers, application servers, databases, operating systems, network devices, Internet services, transactions and Web site content. When problems arise, site managers can be alerted via pager, e-mail, cell phone and SNMP traps, and the product supports existing escalation policies. Detailed reporting ensures rapid troubleshooting and resolution of performance problems. Its architecture is flexible, scalable and centrally configured and maintained, so Web Manager can support multiple data collection methods (standards such as SNMP, WMI, and Perfmon or lightweight Holistix agents) and accommodate the frequent changes to Web systems. Web Manager can be deployed in hours or days -- not weeks or months like other management systems."

"Version 2.0 of Holistix Web Manager offers new profiles for common Web system components. A Holistix system profile contains a default set of metrics and thresholds that help Web managers quickly configure their system. Version 2.0 extends the offering of profiles beyond the initial group offered in version 1.0 -- Apache for Solaris, Solaris, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 and 7, Windows NT 4, Microsoft IIS 4, Netscape Enterprise Server and Oracle Database servers 7.0, 8.0 and 8i -- with new profiles for other popular Web components, including Linux, ColdFusion Server, F5 BIG-IP Load Balancer, BEA WebLogic Server, HTTP server, Microsoft IIS 5, MS-Exchange 5.5, Windows 2000, Cisco Catapult 4000/5000 Service Switches, and RFC1213 network devices (SNMP MIB for common networking statistics). Although Web managers can create their own profiles, Holistix will continue to publish additional profiles for common Web system components."

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