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NewsForge: The HP-Perens union could be good for all of us

Dec 05, 2000, 15:07 (4 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Tina Gasperson)

"HP appears to be serious about getting involved with Linux. But there's a big difference between involvement and commitment. As someone once said while staring at a breakfast plate piled high with eggs and bacon, the chicken was involved, but the pig was committed. Hewlett-Packard states as part of its published Linux strategy: "One camp insists that Linux is all hype, while the other claims that world domination is inevitable. HP is taking a pragmatic but optimistic view. The question we are asking is not 'will Linux dominate the world?' but rather 'what part of the world will Linux dominate?'"

"When asked about that bit of diplomacy, Perens says, "Well, HP-UX is still a vital part of the package for HP, and it should be." As for Open Sourcing the Unix-based proprietary operating system, "there are parts of it that might be worth opening, but for the most part, I'd rather concentrate on Linux."

"With Perens, HP gets an in with the Open Source community -- a go-between, if you will. But interestingly, they also get something much more valuable: a continuous flow of feedback from a vocal representative of the growing Open Source contingency."

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