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Byte.com: Linux To WTS/Citrix Server Works, Red Hat Upgrade Woes, Ethernet Oddities

Dec 07, 2000, 23:14 (13 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Jerry Pournelle)

"Last month, we got the very impressive Microsoft Windows Terminal Server/Citrix MetaFrame combination working on the network here at Chaos Manor. We call that system Euphonia. These two products combined turn NT Server or Windows 2000 Server into a true multi-user, multiplatform applications server for Microsoft-based programs."

"The real test was to use Linette, an older Linux workstation running Red Hat Linux 6.1, to log onto Euphonia. That worked, and I could run the entire Microsoft Office Suite. It's amusing to see Microsoft's Clippy on a Linux box. I could also browse the Web with Internet Explorer, access the whole Chaos Manor Win2K/NT network, and in general do anything I can do from a standard NT- or Win2K-based workstation...."

"Booting Red Hat 7.0 from CD gives you a nice GUI-driven upgrade menu, which ought to work with most video adaptors. It certainly did so with the old STB 128 (NVIDIA Riva128-based) video card I'd stuck into Linette. The prompts are pretty straightforward once you've chosen "upgrade" mode from the initial text prompt; each step follows the previous one logically...."

"Until you try to figure out Red Hat's logic in selecting which packages to upgrade (this also holds true for fresh installations, although a bit less so)."

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