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KDE.org: The People Behind KDE: Stefan Taferner

Dec 25, 2000, 21:51 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Stefan Taferner)

"What is your role within KDE?"

"Currently I am somewhat retired as I have much work with building my house. Before I was mainly working on the mail client and threw in some ideas for various concepts."

"How and when did you get involved in KDE?"

"It all started three years ago when I wanted to write yet another file manager and found out that there is already such a project going on (Kde). However, the team for the file manager was already manned, but help with the mail client was needed. So I joined them and contributed a nice listbox with columns (KTabListBox), which got adopted for Kde wide use later."

"Doing my civil services at that time I had much longing for doing "real" work, so I did much programming in the noon after work. Well, and as things went on I got more and more involved into Kde, also in the process of planning and making decisions (e.g. the first key bindings standard)."

"1 1/2 years ago we bought a house which needed major rebuilding. Well, and that's what I am still working on, and unfortunately my time for Kde got less and less, as the building sucks up much time. Hopefully this changes eventually :-)"

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