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freshmeat: The Importance of Avoiding Zs [a plea for intelligent advocacy]

Dec 30, 2000, 19:00 (7 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Jeffrey Fulmer)

"Rush Limbaugh is an American talk radio host. He pontificates a conservative view that longs for a time of stay-at-home housewives, Jimmy Stewart movies, and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver. The theme of his talk show is contemporary politics. He backs conservatives at the expense of liberals. On Orwell's Animal Farm, the truth was "two legs evil, four legs good". In Limbaugh's world, it is "Democrats evil, Republicans good". Unfortunately for him, the world is not black and white. The conservatives can't all be good and the liberals can't all be evil. Because of this line in the sand, Limbaugh has no credibility outside of his core constituency. He makes his money preaching to the choir."

"Too many foot soldiers of the Platform Wars fire Limbaughisms throughout the chat rooms and bulletin boards of the Internet. Linux rulez, Windoze drools, and on and on. This kind of sparring is as old as the Internet. From the time two nerds first communicated over a wire, you know one ripped the other for his choice of programming language. When intelligent people communicate through the anonymity of electronic mail, pointed barbs are sure to follow salutations. It's natural, it's fun. Frankly, it helps kill time at work."

"The Holy Wars between the Mac weenie in marketing, the Windows weenie in accounting, and the UNIX geek in engineering have left the proprietary email system to find a home on the Internet. The barbs that used to pass between coworkers are sent to a larger audience. Why send zingers to Vernon and Tony if you can anger a whole bunch of people on alt.something.advocacy"

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