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Announce: MySQL 3.23.30-gamma is now released

Jan 05, 2001, 17:46 (1 Talkback[s])
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Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 11:57:38 +0200 (EET)
From: Michael Widenius  monty@mysql.com>
To: announce@lists.mysql.com
Subject: MySQL 3.23.30-gamma

MySQL 3.23.30-gamma is now released.

Because of some extended (but tested) changes in the Berkeley DB interface we decided to still call this release gamma. If nothing shows up in the next few days we will make a new release without the gamma prefix to mark that MYSQL 3.23 is now officially ready for production (even if it has been that in practice very stable for a long time).

The BDB tables now passes our benchmark suite so things are looking good. We are however still aware of a couple of problems involving BDB tables and a big table_cache, but hopefully this should be solved soon.

The main reason why 3.23.30 was delayed a bit was that we added a full test suite to the MySQL distribution and it took a long time to finetune this to work on all our supported platforms.

If you are testing BDB tables, we recommend you to upgrade to this version.

Changes in release 3.23.30

  • Fixed that `myisamchk -k#' works again.
  • Fixed a problem with replication when the binary log file went over 2G on 32 bit systems.
  • `LOCK TABLES' will now automaticly start a new transaction.
  • Changed BDB tables to not use internal subtransactions and reuse open files to get more speed.
  • Added option `--mysqld=#' to `safe_mysqld'
  • Allow hex constants in the `--fields-*-by' and `--lines-terminated-by' options to `mysqldump' and `mysqlimport'. By Paul DuBois.
  • Added option `--safe-show-databases'.
  • Added `have_bdb', `have_gemini', `have_innobase', `have_raid' and `have_ssl' to `SHOW VARIABLES' to make it easy to test for supported extensions.
  • Added option `open-files-limit' to `mysqld'.
  • Changed option `open-files' to `open-files-limit' in `safe_mysqld'.
  • Item fixed a bug where some rows where not found with `HEAP' tables that had many keys.
  • Fixed that `--bdb-no-sync' works.
  • Changed `--bdb-recover' to `--bdb-no-recover' as recover should be on by default.
  • Changed the default number of BDB locks to 10000.
  • Fixed a bug from 3.23.29 when allocating the shared structure needed for BDB tables.
  • Changed `mysqld_multi.sh' to use configure variables. Patch by Christopher McCrory.
  • Added fixing of include files for Solaris 2.8.
  • Fixed bug with `--skip-networking' on Debian Linux.
  • Fixed problem that some temporary files where reported as having the name `UNOPENED' in error messages.
  • Fixed bug when running two simultaneous `SHOW LOGS' queries.

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