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Technofile: What should you believe when someone says 'Windows never crashes'?

Jan 07, 2001, 15:00 (58 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Al Fasoldt)

"Every now and then someone tells me something like this: "I've used Windows for years and have never had a crash. Why do you keep harping on Windows? It's not as bad as you say."

"What am I supposed to make of this? Is it possible that some Windows users never have a crash? Let's suppose we are all experts on poisons. Would we believe someone who swore to us that a guy in Topeka has been swallowing arsenic for years without getting sick or dying? Surely not. And that is precisely how I feel about these assertions about miraculous stability in Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me, the three consumer versions of Microsoft's operating system. No way. No way at all."

"...Until I started running Linux two years ago, I, too, rebooted Windows often, and I did it without a second thought. It did not occur to me that computers should not need to be rebooted; I simply assumed that rebooting was a normal part of each hour's routine. (A personal note: My biggest surprise when switching to Linux for all my daily work was not that my PC no longer needed rebooting. It was that my PC behaved perfectly for the first time. Apparently I had been blaming the PC's hardware for the frailties of Windows.)"

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