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TechRepublic: Creating an Outlook Express killer the StarOffice way - mail filtering

Jan 13, 2001, 19:06 (2 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Bryan Pfaffenberger)

"As you've surely discovered while exploring StarOffice, however, its clunky interface often makes it very difficult to discover the procedures you need to use. ... This Daily Drill Down focuses on another essential e-mail function: mail filtering. In mail filtering, you write rules (also called filters) that search incoming mail and perform certain actions--such as moving, copying, or deleting--based on criteria you specify. It's fairly easy to write simple rules with StarMail, as you'll see, but it's quite another matter to get the mail-filtering system organized so that it functions without losing your mail or presenting you with a confused jumble of messages. When you've finished reading this Daily Drill Down, you'll know how to set up a truly impressive mail-filtering system with StarMail--one that's impressive enough to keep most former Outlook Express users happy."

"StarMail's mail-filtering capabilities are reasonably good, but you should know straightaway that they have one serious deficiency: You can't write rules to process the text within messages. The rules operate only on the information contained in the message headers."

"Is this a big loss? Rules that search message bodies may be needed to filter out spam effectively; spammers know how to disguise message headers so that the usual spam-filtering rules fail to detect them. ... Apart from this shortcoming, StarMail's rules capabilities are equal or superior to those found in other e-mail clients. One capability that's not often seen in other packages is the ability to move messages based on their age (the number of days elapsed since the message was downloaded). You can use this capability, for instance, to route older mail out of IMAP folders, which would otherwise become so clogged with old messages that the folders would take an inordinately long time to open."

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