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Penguinista.org: Movie Review: Antitrust; Open Source on the big screen: tickets still not free

Jan 15, 2001, 19:26 (3 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Brent Toderash)

[ Thanks for this link to Brent Toderash, who notes: "Penguinista doesn't normally do movie reviews, but we thought that Antitrust was worthy of our attention." ]

"Well, I've anticipated seeing this flick, so we settled down in the theatre over the weekend to view it. We chose the least popular theatre in the city in which the film was playing (also the cheapest) - but were still surprised that the theatre was nearly empty - chalk this up to the location rather than the movie, but it still promises not to be a blockbuster. We did note a rather high percentage of people sticking around to read the credits: I presumed we were all looking for a few certain names... more on that later."

"From the outset, of course, you know you're looking at the good guys - but you don't quite know how much you're going to like them... until one of them walks on screen wearing a T-shirt that says simply, "code poet." The character in question, Teddy Chin, is the most avid Open Source advocate of the group. Sadly, the movie only gives you about five minutes in this setting, in total - the rest must be on the cutting-room floor."

"What do I say about the plot? These days a movie trailer gives you most of it anyhow. Is this one genius? No, it's too predictable, and just a bit too unbelievable. Gary's NURV has announced the launch of Synapse, a sattellite network which will link all communications devices on the planet (since there's only 42 days to launch, he hires Milo to make the deadline). To accommodate this, NURV has for years been leaving a backdoor in thier OS for Synapse. Oddly, Milo takes this much in stride despite his Open Source background. He eventually does begin to discover more sinister things going on at NURV, and that, he's alarmed about. He determines to bring them down, but the problem is knowing who to trust. Don't hang your hat on a terriffic plot - it's an interresting little story, it's not destined for cinematic greatness... the plot has holes you could drive a truck through, and it gets annoying that Gary checks Milo's work by looking over his shoulder at a code snippet for a few seconds, without scrolling, and proclaiming Milo's good work. IMDB only rates it 5.5/10."

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