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LinuxPR: lin-x-pert.com to GPL backend source code and begin open source project

Jan 16, 2001, 19:53 (0 Talkback[s])

"lin-x-pert.com announces that it is to open the PHP code that forms the backend of lin-x-pert.com under the GPL license and begin development of a GPL web portal application that lin-x-pert.com will become based on."

"It was always the intention to make the lin-x-pert.com source code available to the public but a few key features have changed. Rather than simply provide the source code in tarball in the anonymous FTP archive on lin-x-pert.com, we have decided that it would be more beneficial, both to us and the open source community, if we started a project to provide support as well as speed development."

"We can now hope to offer a web portal system that can be easily administrated by the webmaster and will provide features not present in many other such web applications such as the ability to track software releases as well as provide news."

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