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LWN: Interview: Larry Wall

Jan 18, 2001, 00:34 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Maya Tamiya)

"In this interview, Larry discusses a wide range of topics, including his job at O'Reilly, Perl certification, the commercialization of Perl, competition between open source projects, the power of laziness, Perl 6, post-modernism, software patents, documentation, and more...."

"Would you call yourself a full-time developer?"

"LW: That's a difficult question to answer. I'm just paid to do whatever I want to do. Some of the time it's development, and some of the time it's just goofing off, some of the time it's learning more about the world so I can figure out where Perl ought to be going, some of the time it's coming and getting talks at the conferences... Most of the development is actually done by other people now :-)...."

"Perl development is said to be started with the power of laziness, but what power do you think make the development going right now?"

"LW: Oh, good question... Hmmm... I think it's still laziness. Laziness on a different level. When Perl first was developed, it was laziness to get particular small jobs done quickly. But now, people don't want to have to use Perl plus other things. If there is a job that really ought to be written in C++ or Java or Ruby or Python or something like that, but they like Perl, and Perl may not be the best tool yet for it, but they would like it to be."

"So rather than learning a different language, they just want to extend Perl toward what is better for that. So I think it's still laziness :-)"

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