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Linux Weekly News for January 18, 2001

Jan 18, 2001, 08:11 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Jonathan Corbet, Elizabeth O. Coolbaugh, Michael J. Hammel)

Leading items and editorials:'Ramen Worm' attacks Red Hat-based systems, Signs of the times, VA Linux Systems puts out another warning, There is still money for Linux businesses, at least occasionally, Interview: Larry Wall and Hardware sales are getting, well, hard.

"'Ramen Worm' attacks Red Hat-based systems. A new worm, dubbed the "Ramen Worm", was spotted on the Internet this week. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a "worm" is a self-propagating attack, e.g., a script is written to attack a system, copy itself to that system and then automatically go out to find new vulnerable systems and attack them. This differs from the term "virus" in that viruses are attached to or embedded in otherwise innocuous files or programs. Linux is generally (though not theoretically) immune to viruses; it is not immune to a worm, since a worm is simply a specialized case of a successful, usually network-based, attack...."

"Signs of the times. Should anybody still doubt that the Linux business climate has changed dramatically over the last year, a couple of events from the last week should help to clarify things...."

"VA Linux Systems puts out another warning. In another sign of the times, VA Linux Systems has put out another warning that earnings will not be up to expectations. Revenue for the second quarter (which ends on January 27) is expected to be $50 million at best, for a loss of $0.24-0.28 per share. Among other things, VA says that the usual January sales upturn has not happened this year, and blames the state of the economy in general...."

"There is still money for Linux businesses, at least occasionally. Consider these examples...."

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