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IBM developerWorks: Perl 5.6 for C and Java programmers

Jan 21, 2001, 13:13 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Ted Zlatanov)

[ Thanks to Frank for this link. ]

"How the new Perl 5.6 features stack up against C/C++/Java."

"Ted Zlatanov explains some of the peculiarities in Perl 5.6 for C and Java programmers, who may actually be pleasantly surprised by some familiar features hailing from sources other than Perl, like operator ambiguity, multiple ways of doing the same thing, punctuation, regular expressions, and variable mechanism. All of them put variety and power at your fingertips. The point is, Perl isn't too far from anyone's familiar territory and may be useful to even C and Java programmers at some point. So here's your opportunity to enhance your Perl 5.6 skills."

"Perl often bewilders even experienced programmers, primarily because it allegedly makes it too easy to write obfuscated code. But the confusion regarding Perl's structure, features, and philosophy is inevitable given that it's such a rich and powerful language, and that it was designed from the start to allow for more than one way to do the same thing."

"Here we're going to look at some of the more confusing features of Perl 5.6, comparing and contrasting them to the corresponding C/C++/Java features. We'll concentrate on the principles in Larry Wall's paper "Natural Language Principles in Perl" (see the Resources later in this article), because they distinguish Perl from C, C++, and Java most readily. The exact mechanics of Perl's syntax are better learned from the "perldoc perlsyn" manual page and from Programming Perl, the best guide to Perl today...."

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