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SearchEnterpriseLinux: Torvalds on Linux (Q&A): They aren't laughing now

Jan 25, 2001, 19:46 (11 Talkback[s])
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"That Linux will infiltrate and one day be the standard OS in the data centers of the world's top enterprises is a sure thing, Torvalds says. From his office in Santa Clara, Calif., where he serves on the software development team for Transmeta Corp., Torvalds recently discussed Linux's enterprise trajectory and the Linux phenomenon."

"searchEnterpriseLinux: Many people are disappointed in the speed of Linux's adoption in enterprise environments. Were they overly optimistic?

Torvalds: Hardly. Go back a few years ago, and tell people where Linux is today, and most people would laugh in your face. They'd not believe you for a second. I don't see the slowness. I used to see it, in just the reluctance of trying something new, and the reluctance of depending on "this open source thing" that people had a hard time getting their head around. But that has passed - people get open source today. Now, are corporate environments slow and careful to adopt? Sure. And are they often unwilling to change? Check. Many corporate environments have the "don't fix it if it still kind-of-works" mentality, and the last thing they want to do is to make changes to their IT department. But is Linux still happening? Oh, yes."

"searchEnterpriseLinux: If you had a choice between Linux becoming more established on the desktop or on the corporate server, which would you choose?

Torvalds: I think the desktop is king. It's the harder market to enter, but it's the one that tends to encircle and overtake the business use. Just look at how business people laughed at PC's and DOS 15 years ago. They aren't laughing now. And the desktop is actually how Linux got started â€" my desktop. I wasn't interested in servers, it just so happens that the server environment is the one that is much easier to enter, and as a result Linux has more of a server name than a desktop name. Both will happen, but I think the desktop is the more interesting one."

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