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LinuxPR: GeekCast Multi-tiered Internet Partnership to Deliver Linux DSL Solutions

Jan 30, 2001, 23:23 (0 Talkback[s])

"Jeff Gerhardt, CEO of GeekCast and co-host of The Linux Show!! today announced,"a series of new alliances are being forged to offer a multi-tiered service approach to providing DSL services to individuals and corporations in the Linux Community. The program will be managed by our flagship ISP partner IbssNet.Com an all Linux ISP in Illinois. This consortium of CLECs, ISPs and specialty service providers that we have assembled, we hope will solve some of the problems now being experienced by people with DSL providers."

"Pretty much everyone has a DSL 'WAR STORY' " said Gerhardt. "After administering the previous version of our DSL program we learned a great deal, primarily from the PAIN of our staff and our subscribers. We had contracts with BOTH Starnet and Zyan. The former got out of the DSL business and the later is now in bankruptcy court, so we have learned more than we cared too."

"Kevin Hill, the other Co-host of The Linux Show added, "It is our HOPE that the new program is going to speed installs. With the collapse of a number of the DSL ISP last fall, install times on replacement and new DSL circuits were running three MONTHS in many areas of the US. It is going to be a bit tougher to manage from a clerical perspective, but the multi-tiered concept will give us access to NAS, and some of the other regional providers. So, we will be able to operate what is basically a DSL clearing house that will allow us to provision users with whatever service seems to be getting installed fastest in a regional area at a given time. The cost of installs may also become marginally higher to pull this off."

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