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LinuxPlanet: From the Desktop: Special Big Apple Edition

Feb 03, 2001, 17:40 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Brian Proffitt)

"But beyond just the look of conference was the tenor. It's changed quite a bit. Almost everyone I talked to recognized it in some fashion or another. Linux, it seems, has grown up. Marty Larsen of VA Linux actually made the best articulation of this phenomenon when he observed to me that Linux has matured, not as a technology, but as a community. We are all nine years older than we were when Linux first made the scene, and while the open source and free software movements are still going strong, the need to make some money has become a much more dominant notion for Linux."

"The attendees of the conference were uniformly more corporate than last year, with far less script kiddies running around. This may have something to do that most of the kids between 18-21 were all magnetized to the pseudo-daycare booths where Tekken was being played. The older folks with the money were all off on their own business missions."

"I spoke with a lot of the attendees last year and this, and here is what struck me as the biggest change. Last year, when you talked to the people 'outside' Linux, they were attending the conference to see what this strange thing called Linux was about. This year, they mostly knew what it was about, and wanted to talk to people about getting their ideas implemented with Linux technology."

"The success of Linux seems to have propelled it into the arena of corporate legitimacy, as more and more enterprise-level deals and contracts were announced. This is in addition to the academic and development legitimacy Linux has always had, but the new factor here is that corporate legitimacy, like it or not, is going to get the bills paid a lot faster."

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