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LinuxPower.com: Interview with Red Hat's David Mason about GNOME

Feb 04, 2001, 18:47 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Christian Schaller)

"Christian: What are Red Hat's expectations and hopes for GNOME?

Dave: We had always hoped that GNOME would bring to Linux (and other UNIX-like systems) a modern desktop with true open source licensing. That has been realized and now we look at GNOME in many different lights. First of all it gives us a good backbone to develop applications on a variety of levels. For example, with the new GTK+-framebuffer port we can build applications for small devices, while at the same time we are working on local Apache configuration tools with PyGNOME. This is powerful and reaches areas we probably didn't expect. As to our current aspirations for GNOME I guess that would be to continue to fill in all of these spaces, and hopefully to surprise us even more."

..."Christian: The first step towards getting GNOME 2.0 out the door is GTK+ 2.0 reaching its first stable release. What is the your current educated guess for a release date for GTK+ 2.0?

Dave: Ha! I will not fall into that trap! Lets just say soon. Keep in mind that people at Red Hat aren't the only ones working on GTK+, we just have the co-maintainers working here. Because of that we have to make sure that people who contribute in their spare time, as well as other GNOME related companies get their patches, feature requests, and bug reports in before we release the official 2.0."

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