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Maximum Linux shutdown: Linux Community loses a few good men and women

Feb 17, 2001, 14:48 (5 Talkback[s])
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I just recieved a phone call from Woody Hughes, Senior editor at Maximum Linux magazine. Imagine Media, Maximum Linux's parent company has pulled the plug on Maximum Linux.

I have included the text of a message posted by Kelli Sheppard, Max Linux's On-line editor, that might explain Imagine's mind set.

----begin transcript--------------
For the first time since MaximumLinux.com went live I'm gonna do something that I've 
never done on here before. Write in the first person, since what I'm about say 
reflects my feelings, opinions, and take on what went down at Future Networks, 
Imagine Media and Maximum Linux magazine. 

As some of you know, and now the rest of you will, Maximum Linux magazine will cease 
publication, effective immediately. The reasons for it are completely business 
related and have no reflection on Maximum Linux or MaximumLinux.com. Unfortunately 
we faced the same problems a lot of Linux businesses out there have faced and that's 
the inability to make enough profit to warrant Imagine keep the Maximum Linux boat 

Not to say we weren't profitable, we were, but the downward spiral of the games 
division, computer industry and financial woes with our flagship mag, Business 2.0, 
has forced Imagine Media to cut 6 magazines from it's grip in order to save the 

The total employment loss for Future Publications (owner of Imagine Media) totals 
335. That's 17.5% of its total staff. A blow to a lot of people. 

Last night I was reading a message board and one post leaps to mind, so allow me to 
paraphrase if you will.. 

"Why did you come to work at Imagine in the first place? To work on kickass pubs 
like B2, Maximum PC, Maximum Linux, PC Gamer, etc. You work in the publishing 
industry, if you think your job will last forever, you're wrong. This is one of the 
best jobs you'll ever have, working at Imagine is a wild ride, enjoy it while it 

I couldn't have said it better myself. Imagine is a fantastic place to work, rules 
are strict though... you must be in the office by 10:00am (or noon, or 2:00, or 
whenever) and you must adhere to a dress code (you could wear jimmies and no one 
would bat an eyelash). You may only take one hour for a lunch break (or two, however 
long it takes). You can not, under any circumstance work from home (unless you feel 
like it), and most importantly, you will NOT, I repeat NOT, pay any more than $0.25 
for a can of coke! 

Y'see? What a tough place to work, boy! 

And so this chapter in my life ends... a wonderful chapter that I will re-read many 
times down the road. And while I'm so sad to see Maximum Linux go, I wish Imagine 
and the remaining pubs the best of luck in the future (no pun intended). Maximum 
Linux and MaximumLinux.com were more than just things I worked on, they were a part 
of me, and probably meant more to me than they should have, but as they say, all 
good things must come to an end, I just wish I had more time to say goodbye. 

To our loyal (and not so loyal) readers, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, 
for making Maximum Linux is today... something we can look back on proudly, knowing 
we did our best to give you a kickass Linux mag. We enjoyed every single second of 
this wild ride, and we hope you guys did too. 

And remember: 

Live Free Or Die! 

Kelli Sheppard - Online Editor, Maximum Linux Magazine. 

Kelli Sheppard - Online Editor 
Maximum Linux 
--------End Transcript-------------------------------
The general concenus is that Max Linux was axed strickly to save other Imagine Media publications.

I have been a contributing writer for Maximum Linux almost since the begining. I have had fun, and learned a lot. Recently Woody and Bryan gave me an oportunity to stretch my creative muscle by giving me the opportunity to write a regular Security column.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the chance to write for such a wonderful magazine.

Bryan, Woody, and Kelli, my thoughts are with you and eveyone at Maximum Linux. You guy's have put together an amazing magazine, on such a shoe string budget. It too bad Imagine didn't recognise that.

Stay cool, and keep in touch.

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