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Tracy Reed: My Un-American Essay; a response to MS exec, Jim Allchin

Feb 17, 2001, 15:12 (14 Talkback[s])
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"Their immediate goal in Washington is to poison our leaders on the idea of open source software and prevent it from ever becoming officially accepted and supported software in government offices. If the government starts using open standard software (as opposed to closed proprietary software) they would save a lot of time and money but Microsoft would lose its biggest customer."

"Open source software is already seriously eating their profits. Only through creative book keeping (counting proceeds from their investments as bottom line revenue to make up for shortfalls in software sales) can they keep up their appearance of profitability and stock price. Of course they will never succeed in outlawing open source software (I hope) but the idea that they are even spending time thinking about such things is frightening. Remember that corporations are amoral. Not moral or immoral but amoral. They logically determine how to make the most money. They make decisions without regard to compassion or ethics much like a computer. Individuals don't work this way but when you put a bunch of individuals together and call it a corporation they do. They are legally obligated by their stockholders to do this. If the stockholders found out that a big company gave someone a break and didn't do everything they could to maximize shareholder value they would get their pants sued off. It has happened. Not to mention the problems caused by the large egos and greed in the executive ranks of many companies."

"Automobiles were the worst thing for the horse and buggy. Surely the buggy makers were annoyed. Perhaps if they had $50B with which to lobby government and society via clever marketing such as Microsoft does we would still be riding in buggies!"

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