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Feb 20, 2001, 16:18 (78 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Dennis E. Powell)

"The community makes it as difficult as it can for businesses to develop for Linux. Indeed, if someone were to make the claim that the Linux community is fundamentally anti-business, I would have a hard time finding very convincing evidence to the contrary. I mentioned to a colleague last week that I figured it would be a week before someone came up with a hack to confound the advertising banner in the free version of the excellent and commercial Opera browser. I was wrong. The hack appeared on a mailing list in just three days."

"As you read the newsgroups and mailing lists, as well as such things as the talkbacks on Linux Today, make mental note of the postings that you would use if trying to talk a business into adopting Linux over a Microsoft product. And make note of the ones you'd avoid using. See what I mean?"

"And the saddest thing is that it's to no end at all. The presence of a commercial aspect to Linux in no way hinders or reduces the development of free and open-source software. Indeed, the inverse is true: The more corporate IT departments involved in Linux, the broader the pool of talent from whom ideas can be drawn, the greater number of people who will be contributing code. Look at the number of developers already who have corporate email addresses."

"But no. There's a substantial and very loud portion of the community that has adopted a wrongheaded, holier-than-thou attitude that has the express purpose of driving away business. Which is fine if what you're seeking is a narrow, goofy, technically profound but fundamentally a toy, kind of operating system."

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